Kimmel Game Night Specials: Wrap Up

By Andrew Gilstrap

What did Matthew McConaughey have to do with basketball this week? Read below to find out. (Photo by Lionel Cironneau, Associated Press)


Since the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games in the NBA Finals, there were only two more Jimmy Kimmel Game Night Prime Time Specials that aired since my previous post. I had hoped for an increase in the quality of the episodes until the Finals ended. I got that in the fourth special. Didn’t quite get it in the fifth and final episode.

The fourth Game Night Special had two guests: Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, who are both starring in the upcoming movie Ted. Kimmel didn’t have time to talk too in depth with either guest, but it was entertaining. There was also a funny skit with Gary Oldman earlier in the episode. Kimmel let both Wahlberg and Kunis take a three-point shot to win Xbox 360s for everybody in the audience: Two chances to win the prize, which is twice as many as Kimmel was giving on the other episodes. Both Wahlberg and Kunis missed their threes. Mark had good form, and he seemed disappointed that he couldn’t win the prize for everybody. Kunis shot a two-handed underhand shot, which might take her down a notch on the hotness scale for some guys. She actually didn’t miss too badly, but no prizes nonetheless.

The fifth and final prime time episode gave the impression that Kimmel might have been running out of material for these basketball specials. He had another lie detector skit with a young kid, which seemed to end just as it was starting to get funny. The guest for the evening was Matthew McConaughey, who actually was more entertaining than I expected, being that he had a lot to talk about after just getting married. Still, I found him kind of an odd choice for a basketball-themed episode.

The show ended on a bang, at least. McConaughey shot for a chance to win Omaha Steaks for the audience. (This was the first time Kimmel switched up the prize being leveraged.) McConaughey banked in a sloppy three-pointer; but, hey, it counts. Pretty surprising result. His shooting form — like Tracy Morgan’s, who made his shot two episodes prior — was not textbook, but it got the job done. The outside crowd didn’t break onto the court like it did when Morgan made his shot, but the fans seemed pretty ecstatic. Why wouldn’t they be? Here is the video of McConaughey’s three-pointer from the JimmyKimmelLive channel:


So, it turns out this was the finish for the Kimmel Game Night Specials for this basketball season. With how the fifth episode went, we can only but wonder if Kimmel had enough ideas in the tank to go for two more episodes had the Thunder been more competitive in the NBA Finals.


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