VIDEO: Summer League – In Pictures

By Andrew Gilstrap

golden state warriors

Photo by Andrew Gilstrap

Part of my objective for my visit to the Las Vegas NBA Summer League last month was to take pictures. Hundreds of them. After taking all of them, I decided I wanted to do much more with the photos than simply putting them on Facebook and featuring them in a blog post.

I worked diligently on putting the pictures together in video format. So if the title to this post doesn’t make sense, you only have to know that I put together a video using still photos exclusively. You can call it a photographic mixtape. Or a video scrapbook. Or a flip book. Or time-lapse. Whichever works for you.

As we sit, it has been nearly a month since that fated day that I got to see 10 teams at the 2012 NBA Summer League. It took quite a while to put all of these pictures into a video with Adobe Premiere Pro and to time them out with a relevant song. In the video, I strategically ordered the individual games to maximize engagement.

After putting the video together, I see that getting a higher end camera would enhance videos like this going forward. I am also now aware of which techniques elicit better sequences for mixtape photography. (I couldn’t say that at the beginning of my day at the Summer League.) Nevertheless, with no further ado, I introduce my first annual Summer League mixtape, which you can also find on my YouTube Channel. I encourage you to watch it in HD, and here is “A Day at the NBA Summer League – In Pictures”:


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  1. I was really impressed with the way you used your still pictures; it looked like an ‘artsy’ video production. I look for your photography to jump to the next level with your new Canon EOS 50d. All you need now is a lens, and we might be seeing you on the floor for NBA games. Well done!

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